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Graduation Requirements

As seminary students begin their study of the Doctrine and Covenants/Church History course, new seminary graduation requirements will be implemented.  Please click here to see the changes explained.

Information for parents and leaders regarding the new graduation changes is also available to download.

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Graduation requirements for students who are finishing their study of the Book of Mormon seminary course are as follows:

  • A seminary Graduation Diploma is awarded to students who have received four years of seminary credit.
  • A seminary Certificate of Achievement may be awarded to students who have completed at least one full year of seminary but have less than four years of seminary credit at the conclusion of their final year of secondary school. To be eligible for a Certificate of Achievement, they must also receive a worthiness clearance. Students who meet this requirement, whether or not they are enrolled in seminary their final year, should be contacted and invited to receive a certificate if they so desire. Their parents and priesthood leader should also be informed of this possibility. This certificate may also be awarded to students who graduate from school early if they have at least one full-year of seminary credit from prior years and receive a worthiness clearance.
  • An optional seminary Certificate of Course Completion may be awarded to students annually for each seminary course completed. Generally, these certificates would not be presented at seminary graduation. In cases where a student attends seminary for more than four years, a Certificate of Course Completion may be awarded at graduation ceremonies each year after the Graduation Diploma has been awarded.



Beyond Seminary 

Done with high school? Make sure that institute is part of your plans. The institute program is a great way to meet new friends, get involved in fun activities, and gain the spiritual strength that you'll need to get through your day. The Church provides institutes of religion all around the world. You can find the institute nearest you here.