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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me more about Seminary Registration Online?

Seminary Registration Online is available to parents, priesthood leaders, and S&I employees in the US and Canada. This online registration system allows parents to register their children in seminary for the upcoming school year. For more information, or to login, please go to the Register for Seminary page. Those outside the US and Canada, or those without internet access, can continue to use the paper process for registering for seminary. Click here to download the registration form PDF


Does seminary have a home study option?

Home-study seminary classes can be organized in places where students cannot attend a daily class because of distance or other factors such as a disability. It is usually organized within the ward. S&I-prepared materials are provided for weekday study at home. Students participate in one or more classes each week under the direction of a stake teacher to discuss their studies. Home-study students from several wards can meet together occasionally for instruction under the direction of the S&I representative. Under the direction of stake Young Men and Young Women leaders, an activity could be held in conjunction with this instruction. Classes should not be held on Sunday unless the Church Board of Education has given specific approval.


Is there an option for taking seminary online?

LDS Seminary and Institutes of Religion is testing various technologies to provide a seminary experience for students who do not easily fit within daily, home-study, or released-time seminary programs.  Online Seminary is a pilot program that uses internet technology to reach those students. Online Seminary instruction includes text, video, pictures, and questions that guide students through their scripture study. Like all S&I programs, Online Seminary operates under the direction of local priesthood leadership. It is not an independent study option; students are organized into classes with a called teacher who shepherds them through the course by encouraging student participation, supervising their online work, and making sure students participate in the weekly class. Because online seminary is a pilot program, participation is limited for the time being.


Is there another website that provides resources to teachers?

Yes. The S&I Educator is a website for teachers and administrators of LDS Seminaries and Institutes of Religion. It provides lesson materials and information on improving teaching. It has training for newly called stake seminary teachers, media for lessons organized by scripture chapter, policy manuals, and various other resources. Teachers can also access the Gospel Teaching and Learning handbook on the Educator. To access the Educator, go to and login with your LDS Account.

What is WISE and how to do teachers access it?

The Worldwide Institute and Seminary Enrollment system (WISE) is a new web-based enrollment software for Seminaries and Institutes of Religion.  WISE will eventually replace STAR, ISTAR, and CSTAR and is now accessible by most institute and seminary programs. WISE can be used to set up classes, enroll students, track attendance, process graduation, and do many other tasks. For more information, please see the WISE Help Topic page on The Educator: A site for teachers and leaders of Seminaries and Institute, or click here to directly login to WISE.