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Register for Seminary

Seminary Registration Online is now available to parents in the US and Canada.

Online registration allows parents to register their children in seminary for the upcoming school year.

With the seminary registration online system, parents login with their LDS Account credentials and are then asked to select their child's grade in school and what school he/she will be attending. Parental contact information can be updated and the parent/guardian agreement, allowing students to participate in seminary, can be accepted here also.

Stake and ward leaders can use the online registration system to monitor the registration process. This allows them to see how many of the youth in their ward/stake are registered for seminary. Priesthood leaders can provide the year or grade in school and what school the student will be attending, if this is not already provided.

Attention Parents of Release Time Students: Please note that online registration for seminary does NOT register the student with his/her high school. Putting release time on the students' schedule must be done separately with the school.