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Master Key Scripture Passages and Basic Doctrines 

As individuals treasure up eternal truths in their minds and hearts, the Holy Ghost will bring these truths to their remembrance in times of need and give them courage to act in faith. President Howard W. Hunter taught: “I strongly encourage you to use the scriptures in your teaching and to do all within your power to help the students use them and become comfortable with them. I would like our young people to have confidence in the scriptures. . . .

“First, we want the students to have confidence in the strength and truths of the scriptures, confidence that their Heavenly Father is really speaking to them through the scriptures, and confidence that they can turn to the scriptures and find answers to their problems and their prayers. . . .

“. . . We would hope none of your students would leave your classroom fearful or embarrassed or ashamed that they cannot find the help they need because they do not know the scriptures well enough to locate the proper passages” (“Eternal Investments,” 2).

To help students treasure up eternal truths and to increase their confidence in the scriptures, S&I has selected a number of scripture mastery passages and prepared a list of Basic Doctrines. The study of the scripture mastery passages and the Basic Doctrines should be developed together so that students will learn to express the Basic Doctrines in their own words and use the scripture mastery passages to help them explain and testify of these truths.