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Seminary 2012 - 2013: Welcome from Elder Ballard

An Apostle's Invitation 

Elder M. Russell Ballard reflects on his own seminary experience with a group of students. He uses the parable of the Good Shepherd (Luke 15) to encourage students to teach each other to follow the Savior.

Scarica An Apostle's Invitation


The 10th Leper 

Elder Ballard discusses the importance of gratitude using the parable of the 10 lepers.

Scarica The 10th Leper


The Resurrection 

Elder Ballard testifies of the Atonement and the doctrine of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. This video includes two segments from the Bible Videos series.

Scarica The Resurrection


“Ye Must Be Born Again” 

Elder Ballard models how students can explain to their friends the restoration of the priesthood and the need for proper authority in performing ordinances. This video also includes a segment from the Bible Videos series.

Scarica "Ye Must Be Born Again"


The Good Shepherd 

Elder Ballard explains how listening to, following, and accepting Jesus Christ protects and keeps us safe.

Scarica The Good Shepherd